“High-value manual dip forming which cannot be formed by automatic machines”


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Message from the President

“High-value added manual dip forming which cannot be formed by automatic machines”

遠藤社長.jpgPresident & CEO Takatoshi Endo
“Specialty handmade dip molding expertise enables Seiwa to produce products which cannot be formed by automated systems.”

We have specialized in dip molding for more than a quarter of a century since our company’s foundation. Dip molding is a simple process, however, specific knowledge is required to produce high quality products.

Our former president conducted research and development on new products at a research institute before establishing our company which he continued to emphasize. These advances established Seiwa as a center of excellence for dip molding. We have developed unique process and patents working with both commercial and academic institutions.

Seiwa focuses on small lot production and offers unique products of various shapes and dimensions impossible for other companies to produce. This experience enables us to provide unique and specialized dip molding procedures to our clients.

Our new president Takatoshi Endo is continuing our research programs and is dedicated to continuing the development of our company’s methods and technologies.

To respond to the needs of our customers, our mission is to develop products that other companies find difficult to manufacture. Seiwa will continue to employ its unique processes and methods to provide solutions to our clients' dip molding requirements.

Please contact us with your most challenging dip molding specifications.

Company Profile

Company name SEIWA KASEI , INC
Representative Founder : Masakazu Endo / CEO : Takatoshi Endo
Established year In 1983
Address 524-1 Dome, Kazo, Saitama 349-1157 Japan
Telephone number 0480-72-8101
Fax 0480-72-6855
URL http://www.seiwa-kasei.co.jp
E-mail Contact us by E-mail
Capital stock 10,000,000yen
Business description Mainly dip forming by vinyl chloride and latex

Company History

Started as a personal business in Kuribashi-cho (Kuki city at present)
Main business content is dip forming (dipping) made from PVC and latex.
Advanced into a medical field from a start of manufacturing balloons for ultrasonic endoscope from latex. In addition, to enter a nuclear field, acquired a patent of manufacturing method of tong boots to achieve domestic production of tong boots.
Manufactured high-value-added products according to our first president’s management philosophy.
On November 1, 1988, established “Seiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.”
Trough establishment of a method for manufacturing, manufacturing products such as balloons for ultrasonic endoscope, bag for anesthesia apparatus, guide tube for relief of esophageal blockage etc.
of medical field entered the peak production.
With the business expansion, the head office and factory relocated to the current Otone-cho (present Kazo City).
Also with the business expansion, the number of employees was largely increased.
By the increased attention of solar panels and photovoltaic generation in the construction field, support cradles coated long durable PVC to cradles and solar panel support cradles were started experimental productions on request.
We began to accept a lot of orders for products other companies could not manufacture because of our dip forming (dipping) know-how over a long period.
Acquired the second administrative innovation acknowledgment.
The products we only can manufacture products extended to various kinds, because of this we established the project “Project D” to improve the manufacturing technology for employees.
Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we succeeded in research and development of variable color PVC sheets which an operator can safely handle solvents and chemicals such as radioactive materials, deleterious substances and poisonous materials and we acquired the patent with it.
With the business expansion, we secured a planned relocation site of a big scale of a main office and factory in Kuki City (former Kuribashi-cho).
The Kan-juku (training seminar for young middle management personnel) started.
Because of movement away from atomic energy and energy shortage, a mega solar system started construction in a relocation planned site in Kuki City (former Kuribashi-cho).
Representative Director Masakazu Endo resigned as president, and became the senior advisor. Takatoshi Endo assumed a post of president and CEO.
The mega solar heating system under construction in a planned construction site was completed in Kuki city.