“High-value manual dip forming which cannot be formed by automatic machines”


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Our mouldable resins and moulding
These are moulding methods by different materials that Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd. carries out.

PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride)

PVC sol coating (Dip coating)

Up to 1000mm in height, 1300mm in width and 600mm in depth are possible for coating. Depending on the coating, it is widely used for various purposes such as protection, anti-rust and insulation. Also, it can be utilized for measures without vinyl chloride, phthalic acid or hormone-disrupting chemicals.

PVC sol moulding (Dip moulding)

We chiefly deal in dip moulding using flexible PVC sol. Also, we supply products with unique characteristics such as cold dip (thickness: 0.1mm to 0.5mm),a thin film forming with bellow-like moulded products rotational dipping (patent). The thin film moulding is used for medical balloons, and the rotational dip moulding is used for bellows for free movement of nuclear power. It can also be done without hormone-disrupting chemicals.

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NR latex moulding

Using latex enables us to make dip moulding for medical balloons and other various things such as gloves. This is a good rubber which has tensile strength. elongation and tearing strength. However, it may cause protein allergy to some people. In addition, it has its weakness in ultraviolet light.

CR latex moulding

CR latex has good weather and ultraviolet radiation resistance which is used for automobile parts and outdoor products. However, as it includes chlorine, it is difficult to dispose after use.

IR latex moulding

As IR latex has almost the same structural formula with NR latex, the properties are very similar. However, because it is formed by synthesis, protein is not included and it affect one's allergies. It is used for medical balloons, anaesthetic masks, bags and other products. Compared to NR, it may be inferior in regards to tearing strength, but is adequate for general use.

NBR latex moulding

NBR latex has good oil and weather rsistance and is therefore widely used in industrial parts, oil-resistant gloves and other products. Compared to NR, it may be inferior in regards to tensile and tearing strength as with IR. However many have no problems depending on its use.


Silicone moulding

There are two component types, which can be moulded like PVC sol. Due to good temperature-resistance, they are being used for the parts with need heat-resistance and anaesthetic bags, so autoclave treatments can be made. However, it still has some problems because of its high price.

Acrylic sol moulding

It was developed as de-PVC sol, and can be processed with the same conditions. Howeever, as the price is three times of PVC sol, it has not been sufficiently circulated. Despite this, we consider that as our company's image of the future. Measures without -PVC and -hormone-disrupting chemicals are needed and friendly to humans and the environment.